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The Latest 2021 Features For Your Next CNC

CNC routers may get you fast, consistent, and quality cuts, but not all of them are easy to use. Wouldn’t it be great to just need one, unskilled operator to take care of all your production? With new 5th Generation … Continue reading

New Section 179 Tax Deduction* Helps Woodworkers Invest In 5th Generation CNC Machines

Deduct Up To $1 Million In Equipment Per Section 179 – ALL CNC Factory Machines Qualify* Cabinet and furniture makers can take up to $1 million in tax credits in 2021 with the new Section 179 tax deduction laws. In … Continue reading

7 Questions To Ask When Getting A CNC Router

In our latest CNC Tech series, Chris Corrales shares candid questions to ask sales reps, so you can have a more informed buying decision. DOWNLOAD THE 7 QUESTIONS CHECKLIST

What Are The Types Of CNC Marking?

Are you this person who still uses ink markers to manually mark cut parts and then double-check them with the cutlist on a clipboard? What a drudgery, right? You probably also know that: Labeling & sorting is a major bottleneck … Continue reading

Vacuum Hold Down Vs 5G Intelligent Vacuum Hold Down

Few CNC features are as under-acclaimed and underappreciated as the vacuum hold down. This CNC function is absolutely critical for exact smooth cuts and precise components, eliminates clamps and changeovers, and allows the workpiece to be machined in one operation. … Continue reading

The Anatomy Of A CNC Router

A router is a hand tool that routs (or gouges out) an area in a hard material such as wood or plastic. Instead of routing by hand, a CNC router uses computer numerical control (hence the name), giving makers accuracy … Continue reading

Meet Josh Shen – 40 Under 40 Nominee

“I Turn Ideas Into Real Machines And Use Them To Solve Problems” -Josh Shen, CNC Factory Equipment Engineer and Software Developer From China, Josh Shen came to the U.S. for his two engineering degrees. Shortly after meeting Josh, Chris Corrales … Continue reading

CNC Machines Enable COVID-19 Best Practices For Small Shops

Chris Corrales, Founder Of CNC Factory, Left, Said The Covid-19 Pandemic Didn’t Set The Course For Woodworking Shops To Function Tighter, With Fewer Employees, Less Square Footage And More Automation, But It Did Speed It Up. SANTA ANA, Cal. – … Continue reading