Meet Josh Shen – 40 Under 40 Nominee

“I Turn Ideas Into Real Machines And Use Them To Solve Problems”

-Josh Shen, CNC Factory Equipment Engineer and Software Developer

From China, Josh Shen came to the U.S. for his two engineering degrees. Shortly after meeting Josh, Chris Corrales CNC Factory President and Owner, realized how gifted he was at inventing and trouble-shooting anything mechanical. Today, Josh develops and customizes operating software solutions for CNC Factory’s machines. He develops machining equipment based on each customer’s specific fabrication and system configuration needs. For more than three years Josh has performed engineering, testing and correction on mechanical and motion control features for all CNC Factory’s machinery.

“When there are automations needed that can make our customers’ jobs easier and faster, we say – Challenge Accepted!” Josh says. “Seeing our machines in our customers’ shops, doing what they used to do by hand or making their job more accurate and faster, is the best moment!”

Innovation and Invention

Together, Josh and Chris Corrales, designed CNC Factory’s Scorpion LDR machine. This is a horizontal drilling and routing machine for Lockdowel hidden fasteners, and other hidden fastener brands. The Scorpion LDR has multiple guns to insert fasteners of different sizes and shapes-at the same time! Then it reloads the guns automatically, without delay. Josh and Chris have made this machine super accurate and super fast, surpassing all their competitors in sales and in performance!

Josh greatly improved CNC Factory’s Sidewinder and Python XPR models by integrating the Automatic Labeling System onto the machine gantry. This delivers a low-cost solution for customers who have labeling needs by eliminating the need for an additional gantry for the labeling system. This saves space, saves costs and simplifies the design.

Automatic home is unique to CNC Factory machines. Many CNC machines use position sensors to find home. “Once you replace a sensor, the machine loses its ‘home’ position”, Josh explains. “Then the customer has the difficult and time-intensive task of recalibrating.”

CNC Factory machines do not use position sensors, so there is no need to recalibrate them-ever. The absolute encoder and battery power backup does all the work.

After the sale, Josh provides software enhancements, modification services and trouble-shoots CNC operational issues as they are identified. Customers call Josh directly and his greatest satisfaction is not only helping customers with their immediate need, but helping them be even more productive and achieve even more capacity than they ever imagined from their CNC machines.

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