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CNC Factory makes world-class computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and industrial supporting machines that help you produce more in less time.

We’re designed and engineered in

Orange County, California.

Building Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

We’re all about making things easy. Heavy wooden sheets breaking your back? Here’s a robotic loading arm and table. Labeling your finished parts incorrectly? Stand aside human, let our marking tool work. Can’t pay for the whole machine outright? Get Easy Pay financing.

Whatever your needs may be, our custom engineering, superior manufacturing, direct pricing, and excellent field performance will not only give you zero production bottleneck, but also guarantee a quick Return on Investment. Easy. Peasy.

“We had no experience with CNC… with the Python I got so much done, I couldn’t believe it. I went home early and I wasn’t tired.”

Curtis, Owner of the Cabinet Shop
Boise, ID

How We Built This

Over 17 years ago, one cabinet maker couldn’t find the perfect CNC machine that was fast, accurate, dependable, and also affordable so he built his own. The trick was simple– he focused on making its operations simple and easy, and used the best materials and latest technology.

Thousands of cabinets later, CNC Factory continues to make world-class CNC machines that help people make better products everyday. With our growing community of CNC users, we hope to soon make CNC automation as commonplace as the table saw.


Chris Corrales, Founder & CEO

Our Awards

From Our Factory to Yours

Interested in CNCs but don’t know where to start? With open arms and smiles on our faces, we invite you to come spend a day with us. We’ll let you try out our machines so you can see how easy it is to turn your thoughts into things. We want to learn more about you and your needs so we can tailor the right machine for you. No question is too trivial.

Just take the first step and give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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