Vacuum Hold Down Vs 5G Intelligent Vacuum Hold Down

Few CNC features are as under-acclaimed and underappreciated as the vacuum hold down. This CNC function is absolutely critical for exact smooth cuts and precise components, eliminates clamps and changeovers, and allows the workpiece to be machined in one operation. Here are recent innovations that will make sure your hold down system sucks! (in a good way)

Manual Vs. Automatic Valve Control

Older CNC machines control vacuum suction hold down using zones and valves. The operator physically opens and closes valves to get the correct pressure on the right zone of the cutting panel. You can see how this is a time-intensive process requiring a lot of concentration and lots of opportunity for errors. Just imagine what happens if the operator forgets to turn on the vacuum again and then the machine starts cutting. What a disaster!

Manual Valve Control Cons:

• Needs constant monitoring and calculation from the operator
• Needs manual labor (valves are hard to turn under strong air pressure)
• Possibility of injury (valves can break when turning and cause hand injuries)

What’s New: With 5G CNC Technology, we still use zones to determine which areas to direct the suction, but the entire process is automated! The operator doesn’t have to remember what pressure level is right for a specific zone. The CNC Factory 5G Intelligent Vacuum system does this automatically according to the weight of the material and the suction needed to hold it down. Using a 21″ touchscreen, the operator simply selects the zones to activate and the Intelligent Vacuum does the rest! No more stopping production for the hassle of adjusting the vacuum hold down.

Automatic Valve Control Pros:
• No thinking or manual labor for the operator
• Automatic detection if there is poor material hold down

Single Vs. Dual Layer Vacuum Tables

What’s New: 5G vacuum systems use 2 vacuum layers– the lower one which comprises 8-10 suction holes, and a second top layer with over a hundred holes. This ensures high flow and a more balanced hold down compared to single layer tables.

The 5G vacuum system also works with vacuum pods to elevate your material for custom cutting without losing vacuum.

And Finally…

What’s New: 5G machines have dual vacuum ports so you can add an additional pump whenever you need stronger hold down. Even if you don’t need them now, it’s best to invest in a router with this feature so you won’t have to dismantle your table when deciding to upgrade later.

CNC Factory Routers have the latest 5G CNC Technology so there’s no stop signs with your production. Ask about our 5th Generation CNC Routers at 714-581-5999 or via

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