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Vacuum Pumps

Constant Hold Down Communication. Energy-saving.

Driverless vacuum technology makes the need for a seasoned operator a thing of the past with constant vacuum hold-down communication with the V300 vacuum pump. Energy saving and easy to maintain, it’s available as an upgrade for all our 5G CNC routers.

Only $6,900

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5G CNC-Ready
You may turn up to two V300 vacuum pumps on/off directly from any CNC Factory 5G CNC Controller with just a press of a button.
Automatic Vacuum Controls
Paired with our 5G CNC routers, there is no need to turn the vacuum on/off repeatedly when removing cut parts (unlike other pumps which are not recommended to restart more than 8 times/day).
Production Workhorse
Dependable in keeping optimal work holding for any CNC machine. Its thermal and electric phase protections protect the motor from burning out due to any heat/power issues.
5th Generation Features:
  • Electric phase protection
  • Thermal protection
  • New energy-saving 5.5kw rotary vane technology
  • Wireless on/off
  • Automatic vacuum flow on and off, during material cycling and unloading
  • Quiet at 80 decibels
  • Easy maintenance
Footprint 49in L x 24in W x 34in H
Mechanical/Electrical Requirements
Power 208-240 volts, 3-phase, 50amps
208-240 volts, single phase, 70amps
Air 8 bar, 9cfm, 120 psi
There’s no customization available for the V300 vacuum pump at this time.
Support & Warranty
Machine Warranty 18 months Support 2-year machine support
Free CNC University training
On-site support options available
Online Knowledge Center access

Install the V300 pump in a position for easy maintenance access. However, it should be 12” away from any wall or obstacle to ensure that airflow and cooling is not impeded. The ambient temperature should not exceed 110 degrees. If using our upgraded 5G CNC routers, we recommend placing it under our unloading tables.

Regular maintenance of the V300 pump allows it to maintain optimum operating conditions. Each maintenance cycle depends on how much the pump is used as well as its work environment (i.e. degree of dust generated and hours used). Minimum maintenance should be performed monthly until a regular maintenance schedule can be established based on your usage and environment.

Minimum maintenance includes cleaning the intake filter and cylinder air duct, lubrication every 300 hours of use, and annual vane replacement.

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