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Scorpion LDR

CNC Insertion

Driverless Operations. Non-Stop Flat Pack Production.

With 10X Stronger H-Clip Insertion, the Scorpion LDR is a boring and hidden fastener/dowel insertion powerhouse that reduces your assembly time by 70%. Fast, accurate, and easy to use with 5th Generation CNC Technology. Made in the USA.

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Scorpion LDR




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Patented High-Speed Dual Drilling
Drills 2 holes at a time to reduce processing by more than 50%. No manual changing of bits as it automatically selects from the drill library.
Automatic Jam Cleaning
In rare cases of clip jamming, it self-cleans, reloads, and resumes operation on the same position. No human intervention required.
Robotic Lean Manufacturing
It can be manned by a single, unskilled operator and allows rapid assembly & flat packing. Also offers Parametric, G-code, and Multi-Edge modes, and easily integrates with popular CNC software.
5th Generation Features:
  • CNC Edge Boring
  • Automatic Plastic Barbed Channel Lock insertion
  • Automatic Plastic Barbed H-Clip insertion
  • Automatic Spring Pin insertion
  • Automatic Plastic Barbed E-Clip insertion
  • Automatic Wood Dowel insertion
  • Patented dual high-speed drilling
  • Patent-pending laser-guided robotic measuring
  • On-board air-cooled spindle with auto sensing & positioning
  • 2 robotic insertion guns & upgradable to 4 guns
  • Drill Library including 5mm, 8mm and 8.2mm
  • 96” material working space
  • High capacity adjustable material hold down
  • Auto jam self cleaning
  • Works with standard & mini clips with no tool changing
  • Touch screen interface
  • Password protection with virtual remote access
  • Flat pack production ready
Production Software Installed:
  • 99 parametric presets
  • Built-in visual G-code editor— no coding needed!
  • Multi-edge mode ready with graphical interface
  • Barcode-ready with integrated reader included
Footprint 143”W x 55”L x 79.75”H
Robotic Drilling Dual 8mm, Dual 8.2mm, Single 5mm Available Configurations LockDowel H-Clip, Channel Lock, Mini, wooden dowel
FastenLink, Lammello and Ovvo
On-Board Spindle 3HP air-cooled spindle with 0.375 Cutter Material Hold-Down Auto-sensing material length for automatic hold-down up to 96”
6 hold down clamps per station
Workstations 4 workstations with embedded and auto alignment rails Robotic Insertion Guns Equipped with 2 feeders and guns. Upgradable to 4.
Lubrication On-board pressurized lubrication system CNC Control 6-axis robotic 5th generation CNC controller
Front End 21” touch screen, keyboard, camera and barcode reader Communication Virtual, with on-board WiFi and ethernet connection
Mechanical/Electrical Requirements
Power 208-240 volts, 3 phase. 30amps.
Single phase option available for additional charge.
Air 1/2” inlet, 8 bar, 10cfm, 120 psi
Dust Collection 1500 cfm for main 4” port
Production Upgrade
Production Upgrade Additional Guns
Outfit your Scorpion up to a total of 4 feeders and guns, so you can have 4 independent work stations for high-yield production.
Support & Warranty
Machine Warranty 18 months Support Free lifetime technical support (phone & email)
Free CNC University training
On-site support options available
Online Knowledge Center access

The Scorpion was built for invisible fasteners that eliminate messy glue and dowels, screws and staples. It is compatible with fasteners such as:

  • Lockdowel: A one-piece, simple plastic or metal fastener that snaps into a routed slot, then slides to lock. Lockdowel makes unlocking and permanent systems. Board size: Lockdowel regular-sized fasteners are for boards 5/8 inches and thicker. They also offer mini systems for boards 1/2 inch and thicker. Material of boards: Particle board, plywood, MDF, solid wood and some plastics.
  • Ovvo: Cleverly engineered connectors that make furniture assembly simple. The connectors are installed during the manufacturing process so the end-user can click-together furniture without the need for tools, glues, or screws. Board size: OVVO has connectors for boards sizes ranging from 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm and above. Materials: Suitable for particle board, MDF, plywood, High pressure laminates, composite materials including solid surface and solid woods.
  • Fastenlink: A plastic dowel design with a groove that is cut into the tip of the dowel creating a “shoulder” that slides into a tapered groove cut into the wood. This guides the FastenLink dowel until it clicks into the locked position.

Scorpion has the patented high-speed dual drilling so it’s the only machine that drills 2 holes at a time which reduces processing time by more than 50%. It also has a patent-pending laser-guided robotic measuring for quick and accurate measurements of your panels.

It has 5th generation helical rack and pinion gear movement on the X and Y axes. It offers the highest resolution control especially at high speeds with faster and smoother travel positioning times with precision linear guide rails on all axes.

The Scorpion has a 96” material working space. You may also divide it into a maximum of 4 workstations (each with 24” working space).

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