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Working Cell

Working Cell

Driverless Operations. Flat Packing Made Easy. Transform raw materials into Ready-To-Assemble products with just 1 unskilled operator. The working cell includes 5th generation machines:
  • Python XPR CNC Router
  • Badger Edgebander (3 models to choose from)
  • Scorpion LDR CNC Insertion
  • Robotic Arm
  • Badger In-feed Conveyor
  • Badger Return Conveyor

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Working Cell

Python XPR Router 5G CNC Features:
  • No heavy lifting with loading & unloading capabilities
  • 12HP ATC HSD air-cooled spindle
  • 12-tool rotary with rapid 8-second tool change
  • No homing or machine alignment
  • Driverless, mobile control center with large 21” touch screen/remote access & wireless remote
  • Robotic material alignment and cleaning
  • Fast cutting speeds— up to 1000 IPM & 2500 IPM rapid travel
  • Ability to design at the machine
  • Dual-layer, high-flow vacuum table with automatic controls
  • Auto tool length, pressurized lubrication & robotic switching dust extraction
  • 5th Generation Helical Rack & Pinion
  • Plug & play upgrades including robotic label printing & application
Badger Edgebander 5G Features:
  • Pre-mill option
  • PUR zero glue line option
  • Front & end trimming
  • Top & bottom cutting
  • Corner-rounding option
  • Top & bottom rough scraping
  • Top & bottom fine scraping
  • Liquid cleaning & buffing
  • Works with 0.4mm – 3mm material
  • PLC touchscreen interface with workload history
  • Built-in heater for preheating for optimum glue penetration
  • 2-liter pellet glue pot – customizable heat system to match glue manufacturer settings
  • Independent motor controls on each of the rollers, cutters, scrapers and buffing wheels for easy & custom maneuvering
Scorpion LDR 5G CNC Hidden Fastener Insertion Features:
  • CNC Edge Boring
  • Automatic Plastic Barbed Channel Lock insertion
  • Automatic Plastic Barbed H-Clip insertion
  • Automatic Spring Pin insertion
  • Automatic Plastic Barbed E-Clip insertion
  • Automatic Wood Dowel insertion
  • Patented dual high-speed drilling
  • Patent-pending laser-guided robotic measuring
  • On-board air-cooled spindle with auto sensing & positioning
  • 2 robotic insertion guns & upgradable to 4 guns
  • Drill Library including 5mm, 8mm and 8.2mm
  • 96” material working space
  • High capacity adjustable material hold down
  • Auto jam self cleaning
  • Works with standard & mini clips with no tool changing
  • Touch screen interface
  • Password protection with virtual remote access
  • Flat pack production ready
Production Software Installed:
  • 99 parametric presets
  • Built-in visual G-code editor— no coding needed!
  • Multi-edge mode ready with graphical interface
  • Barcode-ready with integrated reader included
Robotic Arm:
  • Transfers routed parts, up to 50lbs., from the XPR unloading table to the XPR-to-Badger conveyor.
XPR to Badger Conveyor:
  • Receives routed parts from the robotic arm and feeds them into the Badger.
Return Conveyor
  • Returns edgebanded material, up to 100 inches long, back to the operator.
Mechanical/Electrical Requirements
Power 208-240 volts, 3 phase. 30amps.
Single phase conversion available for additional charge
Air 8 bar, 9 -10cfm (depending on machine) , 120 psi
Dust Collection 1500-3500 cfm (depending on machine)
Support & Warranty
Machine Warranty 18 months Support Free lifetime technical support for CNC machines (phone & email)
2-year machine support for Badgers
Free CNC University training
5-year Advanced Exchange Program for parts & tooling
On-site support options available
Online Knowledge Center access

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