CNC Factory Python XPR Debuts 5th Generation Technology

Originally appeared at IWF Atlanta.


Santa Ana, CA – CNC Factory announced the debut of its new Python XPR CNC Machine Center with 5th Generation Technology. Its Driverless Controls lets users program at the machine’s HD touch screen control center, selecting preset cabinets and components.
“Its proprietary, driverless CNC operating system eliminates the need for experienced users,” says CNC Factory CEO Chris Corrales. His company is among dozens of firms already booked to present innovative technology at IWF Connect, the virtual trade show for the woodworking industry. IWF Connect runs October 26-30, 2020.

CNC Factory says its engineering team designed the Python to do all the heavy lifting, loading and unloading. With 5th Generation Technology, it never needs daily calibration. Not needing to recalibrate, or seek home when turned on or reset, “saves about ten minutes each time the machine is reset, and reduces over 40 moving and electrical out-dated components,” Corrales says.

The new Python XPR prints and applies its own labels. “The at-the-control cabinet cutting library, self-marking parts, and robotic labeling capability takes away the repetitive daily grind of running a CNC,” says Corrales. “Parts come out quickly, marked for secondary production.”
5th Generation Technology also allows the Python to continually check its components and communicate back to the operator when something needs attention. “This takes the stress off the operator, because the second anything needs attention, the Python lets them know what it needs to do,” Corrales says.

Among the Python’s intelligent control center’s added benefits:

  1. Program cabinets and cutting at the central control keeps workers in the same production spot.
  2. Because the Python XPR 5G can mark and label its own cuts and unload itself, operator error is reduced.
  3. Dynamic communication with the vacuum system monitors the current vacuum hold-down pressure, letting it detect warps.
  4. The Python XPR cleans the spoil board in under 30 seconds between cuts with assisted air blowing.
  5. A robotic dust hood for the HSD spindle knows the length of the bit being used and will automatically adjust the dust skirt for the cleanest, safest environment.
  6. The Python XPR can communicate with CNC Factory advance support team, virtually, taking CNC Factory’s Lifetime Support to a whole new level.

The 5th Generation Technology allows the Python to add plug-and-play upgrades and features:

  • 2021 Robotic Unloading Arm direct to edgebander or stacking
  • Misting or air system for cutting
  • Printer, marking and robotic label application
  • Advance drill blocks

The Python can receive programming instructions: 1) at the control center; 2) directly from G-code; 3) from USB or the network; 4) from any office with built in wireless communication, making it compatible with every cabinet software on the market.

Learn more about the Python XPR

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