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Viper XP

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Mammoth Capabilities. Tiny Footprint. An entry-level 5th Generation CNC Router, the Viper XP is a production powerhouse with the smallest industry footprint of just 10 feet. Easy operation with no G-code knowledge required. No daily homing needed. No need to manually crank vacuum valves. With 5G CNC, you can add upgrades anytime.

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Viper XP




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No Homing
It knows its position at all times and doesn't need daily homing each time it’s turned on or reset. No more time waste!
Automatic Vacuum Controls
No more manual cranking of vacuum valve levers under the machine. Adjust workholding by simply pressing on the touchscreen.
Massive Production Power. Tiny Footprint.
With the smallest industry footprint of just 10 feet, a single unskilled operator can produce at least 8 times more products than a seasoned cabinetmaker.
5th Generation Features:
  • No homing or machine alignment
  • Driverless, mobile control center with large 21” touch screen/remote access & wireless remote
  • Ability to design at the machine
  • High-flow vacuum table with automatic controls
  • Auto tool measuring, pressurized lubrication
  • Helical rack & pinion
  • Plug & play upgrades including drill & marking blocks
Footprint & Weights
4’x8’ Table 91” x 122” x 66”H (5200lbs) 4’x10’ Table 91” x 146” x 66”H (5500lbs)
5’x10’ Table 104” x 146” x 66”H (5800lbs) 5’x12’ Table 104” x 170” x 66”H (6300lbs)
Number of axes 3 Table sizes 4’ x 8’ ft
4’ x 10’ ft
5’ x 10’ ft
5’ x 12’ ft
Spindle 10HP ATC air-cooled spindle Speed 1000 IPM cutting & 2000 IPM rapid movement
Drive motor Yaskawa Sigma 7 series w/ absolute encoder Lubrication Pressurized, automatic control
ATC tool changer 8 Position Auto Rack Tool Changer with 8-second tool changes
8 ISO ER-30 tool holders, ER wrench included
Auto tool length measurement sensor included
Controller Mobile controller with safety lights & wireless MPG remote
PC/Windows front end
21” touchscreen
HD digital camera for remote access
Ethernet, WiFi, USB connectivity
Vacuum System Intelligent zoned, high-flow vacuum system (with touch screen valve controls) Rail System 5G helical rack and pinion (X & Y axes)
Other inclusions Additional vacuum port
Onboard A/C
Pop-up positioning pins
Roller wheels for loading
Software Built-in KCD software option
Compatible with virtually all CAD softwares
Mechanical/Electrical Requirements
Power 208-240 volts, 3 phase. 30amps.
Single phase option available for additional charge.
Air 8 bar, 9cfm, 120 psi
Dust Collection 2000 cfm for main 6” port
Production Upgrades Custom table size
Custom gantry height
Single-phase power conversion
Horizontal side spindle
4th axis on spindle
Aggregate head rotary on spindle
Plug & Play Upgrades 12HP ATC spindle
9-Position drill block
12-tool ATC
4-Port marking block
V300 Vacuum pump
Mister kit
Laser module
Tooling Deluche Vision Marking Tool
Cabinet Startup tooling kit
Cabinet & Drill block tooling kit
Shop Tools
Support & Warranty
Machine Warranty 18 months Support Free lifetime technical support (phone & email)
Free CNC University training
5-year Advanced Exchange Program for parts & tooling
On-site support options available
Online Knowledge Center access

The Viper is pre-wired for expansion so you can just plug in additional equipment as you need them. These include drill & marking blocks which let you cut and mark parts faster, extra vacuum ports to increase hold down, and mister kits when cutting light metals.

Note that true expandability is not just a matter of adding anything to your machine, as retrofitting for other brands can come at a cost, void your warranty, or require additional training/expert installation. For the Viper, you can plug & play the upgrades on your own, when you’re ready for them, all while using the same program you’ve been trained on Day 1.

The Viper has one of the largest CNC router screens which allows designing at the machine with your CAD/CAM software, so your operator never needs to leave the production spot. A larger screen also means you can have a more graphical interface (larger buttons, more detailed illustrations) which results in fewer errors. Its PC-front end also allows for our Tech Support to diagnose and fix any issues remotely.

Instead of manually cranking vacuum valve levers under the machine, you can simply adjust workholding by pressing a few buttons on the touchscreen and— voila, the vacuum valves adjust automatically! The Viper also alerts the operator if there is insufficient vacuum before cutting, as well as automatically turns off vacuum when you’re ready to remove processed parts. That’s definitely less thinking for the operator.

It means the Viper knows its position at all times and does not need to find its starting point or “home” every time it is turned on, unplugged or reset. For older machines, homing is required daily— which wastes a few good minutes of production time. And, forgetting to “home” almost always results in inaccurate cuts.

No. Any unskilled operator, with or without CNC experience, can be trained to use the Viper in just 1 day. Its graphical interface is in English.

No. Rubber belts get loose over time and can cause backlash and inaccurate cutting. Worse, they require periodic retensioning for maintenance. The Viper uses 5G helical rack & pinion on the X & Y axes for consistent and absolute positioning.

Having tools closer on the gantry allows rapid tool changes in under 8 seconds. More importantly, it creates an unobstructed table so loading of materials can be done on all 4 sides of the machine.

If cutting regular cabinets with the drill block, the Viper can cut about 40 sheets (including the time for loading, unloading & cleaning) in an 8-hour shift. Note that cutting time increases together with the intricacy of your design.

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