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Custom Designs & Flawless Execution

Cober Cabinets fuses American craftsmanship with European minimalism and modern finishes.

The kitchen has always been the center of the home, the hub, and a gathering place. Designing a kitchen that blends functionality and meaningful craftsmanship is taken to heart by Cober Cabinets. Its mission is built on keeping quality cabinetry close to home.

Cober Cabinets carefully sources the finest quality wood products and finishing materials. Bringing back cabinet manufacturing to the U.S. and offering kitchen dealers and designers and their homeowners better quality and pricing at reasonable lead times, Cober Cabinets is a reliable partner.

Most homeowners consider the kitchen the focal point in their home, and so they can justify the expense of adding high-end finishes. “Kitchen remodeling is very robust, and dealers cannot fill orders when demand is so high,” said Chaya Wieder, principal at Cober Cabinets. Customizing and upgrading a kitchen today has never been easier, which bodes well for a newcomer like Cober Cabinets.

“Up until just recently, millwork was driving the majority of American-made woodworking,” adds Chaya. “Today, Cober Cabinets can give homeowners a custom kitchen, with high-quality American sourced wood products, for a fair price.” Many cabinet makers claim their products are “made in the U.S.,” but most will source foreign materials and assemble them in the U.S. Cober Cabinets manufactures true blue, American-made custom kitchen cabinets at competitive prices, using custom-built machines.

Cober Cabinets has a “we do anything the customer wants” approach — Euro Style frameless doors, Inset, Traditional, Shaker, Counter, and more — all with standard pricing. Customization doesn’t stop at door style. Designers can choose from rollout shelves, movable cutlery inserts, pull-outs and tilt-outs, lazy susans, trash can cabinets, and other space-saving options. Custom lacquers and stains and hard-wearing coatings to protect for years to come are applied for a final finish. It allows designers to offer their customers creative and flexible designs for a truly customized experience.

From consultation to design, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping, every cabinet is made in their facility with state-of-the-art technology by a team of innovators, designers, makers, and craftspeople. It’s why it is so important to use the finest materials and finishes found in the U.S.

Based in Middletown, New York, just 60 miles northwest of New York City, Cober Cabinets is the third cabinetry owner in a 1940s-era commercial property. Cober Cabinets is renovating the property into a state-of-the-art modern facility with state-of-the-art machinery supplied by CNC Factory.

Cober Cabinets uses The Complete CNC Working Cell from CNC Factory, which allows for easy fabrication, a solid and sturdy cabinet build, and a quicker assembly time, delivering on the company’s reasonable and reliable lead times. “We have access to their technicians and customer support, and I know they want us to succeed — our success is their success.”

The Cober Cabinets staff are comfortable with the CNC Factory machinery. Finding the interface between each machine makes the craft of building each cabinet run smoothly, even with the most intricate design. “We can count on CNC Factory that if we need anything unique in terms of machinery, they will deliver,” added Chaya.

Much like Cober Cabinets customization of kitchen cabinets, CNC Factory can customize its machinery to the customer’s needs — from work process areas to machine height to added functionalities. As Cober Cabinets grows, so too can CNC Factory’s machinery to help them grow thoughtfully.

A true partnership with common goals: reliable and custom quality output in less time.

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