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Scorpion Sidekick CNC Notching

The New

Scorpion Sidekick

  • Notching for solid wood face frames & 5-piece drawer fronts
  • Single operator
  • Touch Screen
  • Flat pack production ready

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Drawer Front & Face Frame Notching

The Scorpion Sidekick is the latest evolution in hidden fastener notching for solid wood face frames and 5-piece drawer fronts. Single operator with a touch screen monitor keeps the Sidekick fast and easy to use. Efficient assembly and flat packing options are now here! The daunting task of installing and aligning drawer fronts are a thing of the past with the Scorpion Sidekick’s self-positioning hidden fasteners.

Scorpion Sidekick Features

  • Drawer front notching
  • Face frame notching
  • Reduce your assembly time by 70%
  • Flat pack production ready

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