The New

Python XPR

  • 12 HP HSD Air-Cooled Spindle
  • No machine homing or alignment
  • Driverless mobile control center
  • 12-tool rotary with rapid 5-second tool change
  • Robotic cleaning, loading & unloading 
  • 5G Helical Rack & Pinion 
  • Zoned Dual-Layer, High-Flow Vacuum System
  • Auto tool measuring, pressurized lubrication & robotic switching dust extraction
  • Expandable with plug & play add-ons
  • 1 year on-site service with 18 months warranty

Build your Own

Design your custom Python XPR! Select your specs and send it to our engineers.

Fully Robotic. Fully Customizable.

The Python XPR is a production powerhouse designed for factory profitability, speed, and ease of use– boosting the latest robotics in CNC technology.  The HSD 12HP spindle and rotary ATC 12-Tool carousel produces rapid travel of over 2,500 inches per minute. The Python can cut at about 80 sheets automatically in an 8-hour shift at a push of a button.  The XPR series is designed for the new ergonomic, user-friendly standard with only 1 operator– eliminating the physical attributes that go hand in hand with high output sheet fabrication.

Python XPR Features

  • No heavy lifting!
  • Only 1 unskilled operator needed. No G-code knowledge required!
  • Up to 80 sheets per 8-hour shift
  • Hands-free operations between sheets
  • 21″ touchscreen mobile controller that allows designing at the machine
  • Ready for marking/labeling for error-free & faster post-production
  • Expandable with upgrades for marking, drill blocks, secondary vacuum pumps & misters.

Python XPR in the News:

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