Badger3600 CNC Edgebander

The New

Badger 3600

  • Controller: Digital front screen controls
  • Feed System: Track feed 40 Ft/Min. with digital feed rate over-ride
  • Tape Thickness: 0.4mm to 3mm
  • Top/Bottom Fine Trim: Dual H.F. motors with 6 wing insert cutters
  • Front/End Trim: Dual independent H.F. Cutters
  • Pressure Rollers: 3 independent material pressure rollers with on-board adjustments

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Badger 3600 Features

  • Scraper: Top and bottom edge scraping controllable at monitor
  • Buffing:  Dual buffing motors with 6” buffing wheels controllable at monitor
  • Heating:  Pellet glue 180 – 220 degrees. 2 Liter glue tank capacity
  • Panel Size:  3/8” min. to 1 15/16” Max Thickness.  Min. Width: 3 ½” Min. Length 4.75”
  • Air Pressure: 8 Bar
  • Outside Dimensions: 188” lenght x 70” width x 60” height

Robust Production. Compact Space.

Built-in Material Stop

Automatically closes and opens so you don’t have to guess the correct placement timing for your next piece of material.

Touchscreen Interface

User-friendly, no thinking controls at your fingertips.

Independent Motor Controls

Independent high frequency motors for each operation to give you the unique freedom to choose your desired level of automation and makes it easier to service.

Flexible with Materials

Works with veneer, tapes, PVC or solid wood up to 3mm thickness.

Automatic Pressurized Lubrication

Integrated pressurized oil lubrication compliments the driverless technology, delivering oil to bearings and critical lubrication points when they need it.

Extendable Guide Rollers 

So you can be confident your large materials will be held securely. 

Return Conveyor-ready

Plug & Play-ready for our return conveyor that returns edge banded materials as long as 100” (8 feet) back to your operator, for non-stop edgebanding.

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