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Chris Corrales, the Entrepreneur behind CNC Factory

Originally appeared here. 01/20/2022 If you went to the last AWFS Fair in Vegas, you’ll probably remember the CNC Factory booth— with its multi-story VIP area with massage chairs, towering lit trusses, beautiful models, touch screen displays, and machines that … Continue reading

CNC Factory Takes to the Education Circuit

Originally appeared here. 11/29/2021 Atlanta, GA— The largest woodworking event in North America is back! With it comes a fresh series of education sessions led by woodworking industry experts. CNC Factory’s Chris Corrales is set to present “Profit-focused lean manufacturing with … Continue reading

Deluche Tool Launches Lifetime Guarantee Program

Originally appeared here. 08/23/2021 Santa Ana, CA — Deluche Tool, a tooling brand by 5G CNC manufacturer CNC Factory, launched its Lifetime Guarantee Program which promises customers new replacement tools whenever they need it, no questions asked. Deluche Tool was … Continue reading

Driverless CNC working cell stuns AWFS attendees

Originally appeared in Furniture News Today. 08/16/2021 CNC Factory’s new robotic arm and conveyors completed its 5th generation working cell— demonstrating a one-of-a-kind, driverless CNC operation. Las Vegas, NV — CNC Factory debuted its robotic arm and conveyors in the … Continue reading

CNC Factory to automate Houses for Warriors’ production for American veterans

Originally appeared here. 08/09/2021 Denver, CO— CNC Factory just signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Houses for Warriors (HFW) for the donation of the 5th generation Python XPR CNC Router to help automate HFW’s operations in helping homeless and injured … Continue reading

Bird-in-Hand Woodworks’ ‘No-Brainer’ Investment

Bill Brugmann, director of manufacturing for Bird-in-Hand Woodworks, wasn’t looking to buy a CNC router when he attended Wood Pro Expo Lancaster in October of 2018. Yet, less than nine months later, he found himself overseeing the delivery of not … Continue reading

Cober Cabinets’ Custom Designs & Flawless Execution

The kitchen has always been the center of the home, the hub, and a gathering place. Designing a kitchen that blends functionality and meaningful craftsmanship is taken to heart by Cober Cabinets. Its mission is built on keeping quality cabinetry … Continue reading

CNC Machines Enable COVID-19 Best Practices For Small Shops

Chris Corrales, Founder Of CNC Factory, Left, Said The Covid-19 Pandemic Didn’t Set The Course For Woodworking Shops To Function Tighter, With Fewer Employees, Less Square Footage And More Automation, But It Did Speed It Up. SANTA ANA, Cal. – … Continue reading

Meet Josh Shen – 40 Under 40 Nominee

“I Turn Ideas Into Real Machines And Use Them To Solve Problems” -Josh Shen, CNC Factory Equipment Engineer and Software Developer From China, Josh Shen came to the U.S. for his two engineering degrees. Shortly after meeting Josh, Chris Corrales … Continue reading

The Anatomy Of A CNC Router

A router is a hand tool that routs (or gouges out) an area in a hard material such as wood or plastic. Instead of routing by hand, a CNC router uses computer numerical control (hence the name), giving makers accuracy … Continue reading