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Our Mission

CNC Factory is in business to create world-class computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and industrial supporting machines. It’s our goal to help our customers achieve more in less time with superior output in product quality, and zero production bottleneck.

This we are already achieving by adding value through our CNC Factory products and services with custom engineering, top quality product manufacturing, direct pricing, and excellent field performance of our products. Our mission is to make CNC automation as common as a table saw in every modern shop. The successful achievement of this goal produces a win-win relationship with our customers.

Our story


CNC Factory, Inc., located in Southern CA began 17 years ago as a one-man business with a clear goal and dedication to helping companies embrace CNC automation.

This vision is core to our legacy as we design and manufacture high-quality, precision CNC routers, machining centers, edgebanding and thermofoil 3D presses to meet the urgent business needs of our customers. At CNC Factory, we understand since inception, that providing the fastest, most accurate and dependable CNC Machines and supporting products is only the beginning of meeting our customers’ needs, we never leave them all by themselves. Together with our German, Italian and worldwide support partners, world-class machining capability, truly, is just the beginning.

With us at the back of (sometimes beside) our customers, their businesses have grown and we’ve meet their needs from quality and efficiency that reflects in their bottom line. We think beyond machine building. We also grant access to factory direct support and training before and after installation, factory pricing, and guaranteed financing facilities to our customers.

We therefore call on you, to power up your needs with CNC products so you can capture more opportunities within your market, and properly position your business for the future.

Fly With Us

Interested in CNC Technology, but don’t know what to really expect? With open arms and smiles on our faces, we invite you to come spend a day with us, so you’ll have the opportunity to see our CNC Router line up, investigate software solutions, draw, create, and manufacture your parts under our watchful eyes and guidance.

The CNC way of life, although simple when fully understood, can be quite intimidating for many on their first introduction to it. Let us take you by the hand, lead you through our business automation hacks that turn businesses more efficient and more productive; from start to finish we never leave our own! Let us be the co-pilot to your success. Give us a call to schedule your day at CNC Factory.

For details call 714-581-5999

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Give Us A Call To Schedule Your Day At CNC Factory

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